At Pro Flooring, we specialize in flooring and brings out with the best quality products, offering detailed one-on-one service and being experts in our trade. Our flooring alternatives span from tile to carpet, residential to commercial and everything in between. Our team focused on the facts and make sure that our clients are fully satisfied with our service. Visit us at our office and challenge us what we can’t do! Here are some of our flooring options:

1. HARDWOOD FLOORING: Hardwood floors are exceptionally long lasting and durable.

2. LAMINATE FLOORING: This flooring is cheaper than hardwood and has a protective layer which offers protection from normal staining.

3. ENGINEERED HARDWOOD FLOORING: These flooring costs less than traditional solid hardwood, but retains the same look and feel like the real thing. These are a great alternative for homeowners who want real wood without breaking the bank in the process.

4. CARPET VINYL: It is ideal for keeping our drafts that seep through the floor, besides feels soft and is the better selection for eliminating noise coming from an upper to lower floor.

5. CERAMIC FLOORING: These kinds of flooring are water resistance, durable and are easy to care for. After an initial conversation, we will visit your property and survey the area. We will tell the advantages and disadvantages of each type of flooring and advice on the best flooring for your home.