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Among the many flooring options vinyl flooring is considered very popular because of its versatile characteristics. The flooring with its salient features makes most suitable flooring for offices, cafes and households. Toronto flooring installers are the best avenue to give advice on this flooring and it has more pros than cons to leave a choice which is undisputable.

Among many flooring options vinyl flooring is popular for it’s versatile characteristics. 

Pros of vinyl plank flooring

  • It is 100% water and moisture resistant. This being the case, vinyl becomes the most suitable surface for kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants, cafes and basements. It is also ideal for homes that have pets in their fold.
  • The commercial vinyl flooring come with multilayer grade planks hence can withstand heavy traffic. It is also easy to clean and maintain and commercial establishments clean their surfaces many times in a day to present utmost tidiness. By simple sweeping or mopping the surface can be kept absolutely clean
  • Advanced vinyl flooring come with rigid cores thus making them sturdy and stable. You can get as much as 8mm thickness and more with vinyl planks and also achieve hand scrapped textures.
  • It is 100% water and moisture resistant. Vinyl is suitable for all areas of the house and commercial space. 
  • Vinyl can be applied in commercial space with multilayer grade which can withstand heavy traffic.

Cons of vinyl plank flooring

  • Once glued down it is difficult to remove vinyl planks. It is advised to avoid glue and opt for adhesive options to avert this incidence
  • Sharp objects can pierce through the layers
  • The material is not bio-degradable
  • With heavy objects placed on them they can show dents
  • With much exposure to UV rays the material can show fading.
  • Once glued down it is difficult to remove. It is advised to opt for a floating floor option or a click vinyl.
  • Sharp objects can pierce through the layers
  • The material is not bio-degradable
  • When wet can contribute to slips and falls.

The Toronto flooring installers can install vinyl planks on main as well as sub-floors with ease and consulting them on the vinyl choice is better advised. It is also a DIY material especially the luxury vinyl planks. It is simple click lock and glue down process however it is advised to give the task to professional installers in Toronto.

Another pro of the vinyl flooring is that they are highly affordable and can suit any economy and surface. it is especially suitable for busy thoroughfare or high traffic area. And it does not come with the price tag of natural wood or tile. Affordability is the primary factor which goes in favor of vinyl flooring and you will do well if you are commercial establishments which run on a budget.  One concern that may go against vinyl flooring is its non-biodegradable characteristic. But there are programs that can actually recycle vinyl planks that you may find hard to locate though.

Another pro of vinyl flooring is that it is affordable and can suite any surface.  It does not come with a heavy price tag like hardwood or ceramic tile, it is affordable on a moderate budget.