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Whether you’re replacing a hardwood floor that is beyond repair or installing hardwood floors in your new home, there is a wide variety of hardwood floors to choose from.  Some people prefer to stick with domestic hardwoods such as; maple and oak hardwoods. However, there are also hardwoods that are more exotic such as; cork and bamboo.  Hardwood floors also come in many widths, stain colours and glosses. There are many other factors to consider when choosing a hardwood floor. Pro Flooring recommends that you do your homework before purchasing hardwood floors, because hardwood floors can be an investment if they are chosen correctly.

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Domestic woods tend to be the best choice, because your house will contain a climate that is familiar to the hardwood. This will help prevent the hardwood from expanding and contracting. Although domestic hardwoods are durable, exotic hardwoods can be more durable. Typically, domestic hardwoods are more affordable than exotic hardwoods, because they do not need to be imported. Overall, domestic hardwoods are an excellent choice, however, they are quite common.

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Exotic woods comes in rich vibrant colors, that will transform your room!, exotic hardwood can be more durable than domestic hardwoods, however, this makes exotic hardwoods more expensive too. Exotic hardwood floors are commonly found in home decor magazines and considered to be much more luxurious. If you decide to choose an exotic hardwood your floor will be unique, strong and admired by others.

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Bamboo Flooring is an excellent choice for individuals concerned about the environment. Typically, bamboo regenerates at least 8 times faster than hardwood. Furthermore, harvesting bamboo does not kill the plant making it a truly sustainable flooring choice. Due to a lack of pests, bamboo is generally pesticide free unlike many other hardwoods. Overall, bamboo flooring is the ultimate flooring choice for environmentally conscious people who prefer flooring with a low carbon footprint.

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The Janka Hardness Scale was designed to rate the hardness of hardwood floors based on a scale from 0-4000. The force necessary to embed a .44-inch steel ball to half its diameter is the basis for this hardness measurement of hardwoods. The hardwood flooring industries use the Janka Hardness Scale as a standard for gauging the ability of various hardwood species to tolerate denting and normal wear, as well as being a good indication of the effort required to either nail or saw the particular hardwood. Click here to view the Janka Hardness Scale for hardwood floors.